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homepage_picThe Cyclone Therapy (CT) device is intended to provide a fast responsive soothing pain relieving effect on the human body. The technology is based on the fact that the human body is a bio-electric-chemical organism.

After many years of research and clinical testing it was determined that pain producing centers in the body suffered from diminished flow of electricity (electron flow). Damaged living cells do not produce electrical energy at the same level as healthy cells. Stressed, torn, fractured, severed, impact damaged or bio chemically damaged (sick) cells do not communicate in the normal manner, at the normal voltage level, as healthy cells. These abnormal cells simply cause an electrical signal that is recorded in the brain as pain.

The Cyclone Therapy (CT) induces a dynamic electromagnetic wave form that resonates in the body and generates new electrical current at the body's normal current level to regenerate electrical pathways into and through cells that were shut down by damage. The resonant regeneration restores electron flow, and thereby diminishes or completely eliminates the pain signal. Once electron flow is re-established the damaged cellular area is given a re-birth opportunity to heal itself through the normal bio-electro-chemical process.

In this manner the CT function is somewhat similar to acupuncture, except no needles or other intrusive physical element is present, and acupuncture does not produce new electrical current.



Christopher, Burbank, California I suffered a bad blow to my head and was left with nausea, poor eyesight (could not focus), constant headaches and dizziness, with trouble walking straight. On the second day my grandfather brought his Cyclone Therapy device over to my house and put it on several locations on my head. I did not get much relief for the first 20-30 minutes, then my grandfather put the machine on the end of my big toes and WOW, all the bad things went away in about 5 minutes. No headache, no blurry vision and no dizziness. And, none of those conditions every came back. John, La Habra, California For several years I suffered with shoulder pain. It prevented me from wanting to get out of the house and even go to family gatherings. One day my nephew came over and told me he wanted to take me to a family wedding. I told him at my age I should just stay home (I was 80 at that time), because I'm in too much constant pain. My nephew went out to his car and brought in a little flashlight looking thing that he said might help me. After about 5 or ten minutes the pain went away. I went to the wedding and had a great time. Now I have my own Cyclone machine, and I use it on my hands, and elbows, for my arthritis. Dave, AZ The index finger of my right had been mangled and the end was cut off and the nail was gone. The medical prognosis from my doctor was not good. He said I would never be able to bend my finger at the last joint, and what was left, would never have any sensations of feeling. It would always be numb. I used the Cyclone Therapy machine at least 2 times per day for10 – 15 minute intervals. What I noticed in the first few minutes of use was that the pain in my hand and adjacent fingers had reduced by about 90%. I stopped taking my pain medication that same day, because it was no longer required. After 2 weeks of steady use of the Cyclone, I was able to bend my finger and the sense of feel had returned. What was most amazing to my doctor was that some of the severed tissue and fingernail actually grew back. I now have nearly full use of my finger again. Given my career as an electronics engineer, I was initially skeptical about using the Cyclone. I expected to see no improvement. But now I use it on my friends and see similar pain reduction events. Betty, California At the age of 78 I began having severe burning pain in my head. My medical doctor said it was caused by a mini-stroke that probably occurred during my sleep. Pain relieving drugs were of little help, plus they made me feel sick and sluggish all the time. This lasted more than 5 years. One day my son gave me a Cyclone Therapy machine. I used it three times a day for a few minutes on my head and my feet. After 2 weeks of doing this the pain reduced way down, and was completely gone a week later. It never came back and I'm now 91. Debbie, Orange County, California My daughter had been released from the hospital after being diagnosed with a whiplash. There was nothing more they could do for her. They gave her some pain medication and said she should be better in a week or two. One of my neighbors brought over a pain treatment device called Cyclone Therapy and put it on my daughter's neck at several locations. After 5-10 minutes my daughter could freely rotate her head side to side with no pain at all. The whiplash was gone. I then asked if that thing could help me with my foot. Three years earlier my foot was crushed and steel pins had been inserted in my bones. Since that time I could not move my toes and I had no feeling in them. The Cyclone device was placed on my foot at several places and after a few minutes the feeling in my toes returned and I could move them. It is now a year later and the previous problems have never returned, after that one-time treatment. William Spawr, Santa Anita Racetrack, CA For about 2 years I have been using the Cyclone Therapy Technology on the thoroughbred horses I train for racing. This device has proven to be so successful and I use it every day. I have found that it cuts injury healing time in half. Injuries that historically took 6 months are now reliably being healed in no more than 3 months. One of the most amazing events occurred with one of my horses that showed a leg bone fracture on x-rays. Such a fracture would normally cause the horse to be put out for rehabilitation for many moths, or never race again. But, after using the Cyclone for 6 weeks, this horse won his next race. I see this Cyclone Therapy device as a true benefit to the horse racing and breeding community.